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Smoke Alarms Tewantin: Testing & Service

We love Tewantin. It shouldn’t be hard to see why? There are so many amazing reasons to live and work here but one of the major one for us? With all the great service that we give Tewantin, they are always left Te-WANTIN more.

Ok, we can’t guarantee that it’ll make your day brighter or the whole song thing, but what we can guarantee is that your alarm systems will keep you safe and will let you know if an emergency happens! Glasshouse Home Safety has been offering top of the line alarm installation and maintenance to the great people of the Sunshine Coast for years and want to help you next!

You shouldn’t be left wondering if your smoke or fire alarm will actually work in case of an emergency. You should go to sleep each night knowing that your alarms have been serviced and maintained by the experts to ensure your safety.

So, while you can think about changing the name of Tewantin to SAFETY-WANTIN, you won’t have to think about your alarm systems because they are going to be there for you.

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