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There are a million of reasons to love the Sunshine Coast, it is an area so beautiful that people that visit here, rarely leave. How can you blame them? From the wonderful weather, to the iconic locations, and pristine coastlines, it is THE place to visit when coming to Queensland.

Speaking of the weather, the Sunshine Coast is almost always perfect for year-round activities, and even if it’s raining in dear old Brisbane, the sun is more than likely to be out here. There is no doubt that it’s for these reasons, the Sunshine Coast has been attracting tourists by the thousands for a long time, but it is also a place that millions call home.

It is those millions that the team at Glasshouse Home Safety are passionate about protecting. There aren’t many that think about the possible threats our homes are under each day from fire or electrocution. Glasshouse Home Safety make it their mission to make your home as safe as possible with thorough testing and reports that make sure that you know the risks and what to do about them.

Sleep easier at night knowing that your home is as safe as possible with a report from the fire safety specialists! They will make sure your smoke alarms and safety switches are serviced and maintained to the highest quality in your home or office.

If you even have a sliver of doubt about your home or office safety when it comes to fire or electrical safety, you owe it to yourself and those close, to contact Glasshouse Home Safety today and get up to date with your safety compliance!

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