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We’ll cut to the chase, Redcliffe. We love your town. We love all of it and there is something about the homes of Redcliffe that keep us coming back. We want to pass that same kind of satisfaction on to everyone that lives in your house.

People like to think that they are safe, but when is the last time you have tested one of the systems made specifically to keep you safe? Was it the last time you burnt toast? Your smoke and fire alarm systems need to be working in peak condition to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Don’t second guess your safety! Get Glasshouse Home Safety to come in and inspect, repair, or replace your smoke and fire alarm systems so that you know you and your family are safe. Safety is something you should never have to guess about. We have been serving the people of Redcliffe for years and we want to show you why we are considered the best!

Contact us today to see how you can get the peace of mind that we have been giving all of our clients in Redcliffe and beyond!

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