Fire-Safety-Specialists-Smoke-Alarms-MooloolabaSmoke Alarms Mooloolaba – Safety Switches & Fire Protection

If living in Mooloolaba is a dream than who would ever want to wake up? With Glasshouse Home Safety we will make sure that if there is a fire, you’ll always wake up!

One of the only things that could turn this dream location into a bit of a nightmare is fire or smoke damage! While most are happy to just buy an over the counter smoke alarm and think that’s the end of what they need to do, Glasshouse Home Safety makes sure that alarms are top quality, correctly positioned and well maintained to ensure they keep you safe year-round!

There is a reason that Glasshouse Home Safety has been the choice in smoke and fire alarms for the residents and businesses of the Sunshine Coast for years! Spoiler alert? It’s because we get the job done with an expert flair, on scope, and on budget! Our client’s satisfaction is our main concern!

If you are looking for the experts in all things safety and fire alarms, then give us a call or an email! Glasshouse Home Safety will be able to ensure you stay safe with a friendly and professional service!

Get back to living the Mooloolaba dream, without the concern of smoke and fire turning it into a nightmare!

Fire Safety Specialists – Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Testing Services Mooloolaba