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Hervey Bay has a secret and we know what it is. Sure, Hervey Bay is one of the most iconic places in Queensland and the hub for some of the best tourism Australia has, but that’s not its secret.

No, the secret that Hervey Bay is about to share is how they are going to become the biggest hub for safety in Queensland! That is because they know that getting Glasshouse Home Safety to come to test their smoke and fire alarm systems means that they have peace of mind to know they are safe and protected!

This isn’t like going to the hardware store and buying some generic alarm. No, this is the pros doing what they do best. Looking for the best placement, the best system, and maintaining them so that your safety is top notch, just like their service.

Sounds amazing right? Well, that’s how Glasshouse Home Safety became the go-to organisation for safety alarm services and this is something that we take seriously. Your safety is our biggest concern.

Contact the expert team from Glasshouse Home Safety today and not only can we tell you what we can do for you but we can share why clients in Hervey Bay keeps asking us back again and again!

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