Safety-Switches-Smoke-Alarms-CooroySmoke Alarms Cooroy: Testing & Service

There may be other areas of the Sunshine Coast that get the attention, but locals know that Cooroy is the place to be! Cruising down Maple Street and taking in the sights, the smells from the restaurants, and the great deals at the local shops. It’s amazing. It’s also a special place to spend Christmas with the
Christmas in Cooroy event!

Glasshouse Home Safety is a lot like Christmas when it comes to smoke and fire alarm services in Cooroy, because no matter what you want, we have it in our magic bag of services! From alarm locations, battery changing, maintenance and servicing, we have the elves to get the job done. Maybe don’t call them elves though, they might pretend not to be.

Glasshouse Home Safety has been taking care of the good boys and girls of the Cooroy and the greater Sunshine Coast area for years and never once left coal in anyone’s stocking. Coal is flammable and we are trying to avoid that.

Turn your bahumbug alarm issue into home, sweet, ho-ho-home with Glasshouse Home Safety! Contact us today and we can get on with safety checks. We are better at that than Christmas puns.

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