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Do you have that funny feeling? It could be a few things. There is that feeling you get when you see the magical Glass House Mountains or the breath-taking coastal paths of Caloundra that might even make you gasp “Oh my!” But if someone asked you when the last time you have had your fire and electrical safety tested would you be left in silence?

Caloundra is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most fantastic areas with its fair share of amazing spots. Who doesn’t love Kings Beach’s ocean pool or the aquatic playground at Dicky Beach? But when it comes to protecting the homes and businesses of Caloundra some things are only a fleeting feeling of “out of sight, out of mind.”

The team at Glasshouse Home Safety live for protecting you from the “out of sight” threats that could cause fire or electrocution. This is why they always go above and beyond the minimum mandatory requirements when it comes to your fire or smoke alarms and safety switches. They want to give you peace of mind that the “out of sight” threats have been maintained with service that is “outta’ sight, man!”

Glasshouse Home Safety will complete regular testing of your home or office systems and keep you up to date with a thorough report. Glasshouse Home Safety have expert knowledge with a friendly service that has been keeping the people of the Sunshine Coast coming back again and again.

This isn’t just a press of a button service like many alarm testers, this is first class responder service that will have you sleeping with confidence as well as ducking over to Dicky Beach knowing that your home or office is protected! Now that is, indeed, some “outta sight out of sight” service!

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