Smoke Alarms Buderim – Fire Safety Specialists

Because Buderim is near a volcanic plateau doesn’t mean that you should have a hundred more smoke and fire alarms, but that also doesn’t mean that you should overlook the ones you have! For us at Glasshouse Home Safety it’s unbearable for us to think that your family, home or business could be under a threat of fire or electrical disaster and you wouldn’t be aware due to faulty alarms or switches. So, we are doing something about it!

For years, Glasshouse Home Safety has been earning a reputation for making safety something you can be assured in! This isn’t your run of the mill alarm and switch testing, they have the expertise to know the best solutions for an optimized protection that will ensure that if the worst does happen, then you and your family can get out safely.

Glasshouse Home Safety holds the sanctity of human life above all else, so they act on the principle that they would rather lose money than lose any one life, ever! Name one other company that would give you that level of service!

Contact us today to find out for yourself why the residents of Buderim and the Sunshine Coast have made Glasshouse Home Safety the fire and electrical safety go-to experts! Our friendly and helpful staff is standing by to take your call while also practicing their impressions of the best alarm sounds.

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