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Oh, hey there, Bli Bli! We know that youre part of the awesome Sunshine Coast is so good they named it twice, but how is your safety? When’s the last time you checked your smoke? Alarms or safety switches? Don’t know? That’s not a good answer.

Safety should be your number one concern! You wouldn’t drive a car that could explode, so why not have alarms that warn you if things go wrong?

Throw away the over the counter alarms and get something that is going to give you peace of mind! Glasshouse Home Safety has the answer for your safety alarm needs. We can give you expert advice, install alarms, maintain them, test them regularly, and ensure that you are covered in case something bad happens.

There is a reason why Glasshouse Home Safety is the first-place people call when they have questions about smoke and fire safety and we want to show you next. Great rates and expert service? You deserve to know that you are safe.

Contact us today to see how we can get you safe and add another Bli to Bli Bli!

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