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As an owner of a rental property would you be interested in a program to progressively upgrade to the new code for Smoke Alarms?

Smoke Alarm Testing & Servicing Sunshine Coast

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Most owners will arrive at 1st January 2022 and have a sudden rush to comply. With well over 315,000 alarms to be installed in just public housing alone, Electricians will be in big demand and short supply. That will push pricing up as everyone that left it to the last minute require their dwelling to comply.

We are able to offer a progressive upgrade program which will lock in pricing, ensure you are compliant on the due date without one big budget shock, and enable the ongoing staging of alarms as they expire, avoiding another budget shock in ten years. Every annual test we complete, we present in our report what that particular dwelling will need for compliance in 2022, and suggest installing progressively as the four years that remain, pass.

We offer a discount if more than one is done at a time. Another advantage is that the safety of your property, and your tenants, are improved as the home is progressively upgraded. Most homes will require another three to four hardwired alarms, Photo-Optical Type and interconnected.

Depending on which service package we charge up to $240 per hard-wired alarm if done individually and $180 for each subsequent alarm installed at the same visit. We interconnect for free and only use best quality Australian made alarms. If your dwelling has slab ceilings we can install ten year non-removable battery type with wireless interconnection for a further $25 only, saving on concrete cutting and a big mess.

We can put a tailored package to suit any budget while giving you peace of mind as an owner that you are providing a safe and compliant home.

Smoke alarm testing, maintenance & servicing in Sunshine Coast

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